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Everyone else's was boring
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
10:29 am
so yea. i leave for south america in like 20 minutes. i'm not gonna have sex wtih any brazilian men/get aids. i'll have my phone but it's 1.99 a minute...so when i drunk dial you it'll be really short. i will be posting the pictures on the facebook later!!!!!!

hasta luego amigos!
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
8:14 am
DDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i have is work and class, no more fucking work!!!!

Current Mood: done
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
9:05 pm
owned... double owned
oaklandloudmouth (8:48:25 PM): hi ben
oaklandloudmouth (8:48:27 PM): whats up
drworm85 (8:48:32 PM): hey
drworm85 (8:48:39 PM): did you just im prank me?
oaklandloudmouth (8:48:43 PM): no
oaklandloudmouth (8:48:51 PM): did someone prank you?!?
drworm85 (8:48:55 PM): some dipshit sicced a robot on me
oaklandloudmouth (8:48:55 PM): thats awesome
oaklandloudmouth (8:49:07 PM): well j and i are in the library doing work, so no.
drworm85 (8:49:09 PM): had me confused
drworm85 (8:49:10 PM): ok
oaklandloudmouth (8:49:18 PM): what did s/he ask about?
oaklandloudmouth (8:49:24 PM): did you hit on it?
drworm85 (8:49:25 PM): nothing, it just blabbered
drworm85 (8:49:27 PM): no
oaklandloudmouth (8:49:28 PM): you should have
drworm85 (8:49:30 PM): it was a dude
oaklandloudmouth (8:49:54 PM): thats awesome
drworm85 (8:50:18 PM): damned computers
oaklandloudmouth (8:50:27 PM): i bet it was aaron
drworm85 (8:50:40 PM): probably
drworm85 (8:51:34 PM): or ingrid

Current Mood: artistic
8:37 pm
Watch out... you could be next.
d01tbackwards83(8:30:43): i hate you bitch why you tryn ta steal my man
WSLCRadio(8:31:23): Because he likes me more
d01tbackwards83(8:31:36): what state do you live in?
WSLCRadio(8:31:43): denial
d01tbackwards83(8:31:57): i just got my new laptop today, i'm excited
WSLCRadio(8:32:41): Far out
d01tbackwards83(8:32:52): i just got my new laptop today, i'm excited
WSLCRadio(8:33:43): That's cool
d01tbackwards83(8:33:55): cool as ice!
WSLCRadio(8:34:07): That's my favorite movie!
d01tbackwards83(8:34:16): the matrix was awesome. I want to see it again sometime.
WSLCRadio(8:34:37): That's another good one
WSLCRadio(8:34:44): Good soundtrack as well
d01tbackwards83(8:34:47): yea
WSLCRadio(8:35:03): Got any requests?
d01tbackwards83(8:35:18): do you have an ipod? I want to get one...
WSLCRadio(8:35:32): You should
d01tbackwards83(8:35:44): why r you concerned over me?
d01tbackwards83(8:35:53): :-p
WSLCRadio(8:36:04): It's my job to take requests
d01tbackwards83(8:36:17): have u esen the new War of the Worlds? i thought it was really good
d01tbackwards83(8:37:26): hello? i just want to talk to u for a bit
WSLCRadio(8:38:07): I thought it was good to
d01tbackwards83(8:38:18): i would probably feel the same way lol
WSLCRadio(8:39:01): good call
d01tbackwards83(8:39:12): thats' good
d01tbackwards83(8:40:24): u seem interesting, can we talk more?
WSLCRadio(8:40:29): Where are you?
d01tbackwards83: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now!

Screenname: smarterchild
Status: Failed - Error #6
Details: smarterchild has already been pranked too many times today. Try again in 24 hours.

NYnyT0WN788(8:37:58): Hi i have a quesiton about sustainable gardening and I heard that you were the one to talk to
drworm85(8:38:16): sure, i'm no expert, but i know a thing or two
drworm85(8:38:18): what's up?
NYnyT0WN788(8:38:26): u sure?l ol
drworm85(8:38:35): of course, who is this, by the way?
NYnyT0WN788(8:38:45): roy 21/male/new york
drworm85(8:38:52): ok
NYnyT0WN788(8:39:06): yep
drworm85(8:39:12): what do you need to know?
NYnyT0WN788(8:39:22): I dunno about that one
NYnyT0WN788(8:40:36): pelase talk, i'll be good lol
drworm85(8:41:10): ok, you said you had a question, and I guess i'm confused as to what it is
NYnyT0WN788(8:41:24): really? I wasn't aware of my involvement
drworm85(8:42:03): ok
NYnyT0WN788(8:42:15): it IS ok, ha
drworm85(8:42:39): how did you get my screenname?
NYnyT0WN788(8:42:53): im not sure... somehow u got on my buddy list
drworm85(8:43:05): interesting
NYnyT0WN788(8:43:09): :-p
drworm85(8:43:32): so, you're doing some sort of sustainable ag project?
NYnyT0WN788(8:43:45): are u any good with computers? I am pretty illiterate when it comes to computers, haha
drworm85(8:43:58): not particularly
NYnyT0WN788(8:44:06): :-\
NYnyT0WN788(8:45:25): Please talk to me
drworm85(8:45:52): ok, but i really don't know what your deal here is, dude
NYnyT0WN788(8:46:03): s,o whats ur point?
drworm85(8:46:46): well i don't know what you want to talk about, and am not really inclined to do much talking to a complete stranger
NYnyT0WN788(8:46:58): we can still chat anyways
drworm85(8:47:11): ok
NYnyT0WN788(8:47:23): alright
NYnyT0WN788: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now!

Current Mood: prank-o-rific
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
4:57 pm
jacqueline gets owned.
so. all i wanted this morning was a sprite. that was all. so, i'm leaving to go to the airport and i take the sprite out of my lovely fridge. i put it in the cupholder on the drive to the airport. i then leave it there. i do not realize that it is gone until i get to the gate. so i'm like oh, i'll just get one at the taco bell

2nd phase of own: i go to the taco bell, and order my food.i go to get my sprite. i push the thing and club soda comes out.

3rd phase of own: i order a sprite on the airplane, hoping that that's what i'll receive. us airways does not have sprite. they have 7up. i still have not had a sprite.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
9:19 am
whats the best way to start spring break? Strep Throat!!! Obviously. so my doctor says ill be fine by wednesday, and not contagious and can see my friends. but damn being sick sucks... at least im home. i miss you all!!!

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
11:28 am
and EJ got into the London School of Economics!
7:50 am
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
11:04 pm
I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself.
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
1:46 pm
you know when you do something stupid and then you feel really awkward about it... yeah.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
10:42 am
thanks for an amazing birthday party everybody, and all the cheese........mmmmmm....cheese
Friday, February 17th, 2006
11:57 pm
my dad's coming to the dance show =0) (if you don't know why this means so much to me, you probably don't know me at all) =0)
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
10:44 pm
i'm not the only nutball in the family...
actual conversation that ensued with my brother:

KandeeSk8r521 (10:40:23 PM): did you know that you really liked chuck norris as a kid?
Jdawg2222 (10:40:34 PM): no
Jdawg2222 (10:40:38 PM): i liked chucka norris
KandeeSk8r521 (10:40:56 PM): he would roundhouse kick you in the face for defacing his name like that
Jdawg2222 (10:41:28 PM): except for he is too old and might hurt his growin
KandeeSk8r521 (10:41:34 PM): groin*
Jdawg2222 (10:42:19 PM): **growin
KandeeSk8r521 (10:42:25 PM): john that doesn't make any sense
Jdawg2222 (10:42:43 PM): u dont make ne sense
KandeeSk8r521 (10:42:52 PM): yea...but i know how to spell ANY
KandeeSk8r521 (10:42:59 PM): and chuck norris
Jdawg2222 (10:43:09 PM): *ne
Jdawg2222 (10:43:23 PM): n e is only two letters..duh
KandeeSk8r521 (10:43:31 PM): i really like that the internet can help you annoy me from 3000 miles away
KandeeSk8r521 (10:43:42 PM): what a useful tool
Jdawg2222 (10:44:32 PM): fo shizzle...u gonna tell me that is spelled wrong too...ms. u happen to have a z in your name
KandeeSk8r521 (10:44:48 PM): ok john
KandeeSk8r521 (10:44:53 PM): at least i'm not named after a toilet
Jdawg2222 (10:45:31 PM): at least im not named Jack
KandeeSk8r521 (10:46:08 PM): yea thank god i'm not named jack either
KandeeSk8r521 (10:46:18 PM): people poop in you
12:08 pm
Dear Prema Samuel,

Why did you leave for a week in the middle of study abroad application time? I have questions, and (correct me if I am wrong) it is you job to answer them. I like you, i really do, i stand up for you when all my friends are saying bad things about you. However, this is not making me happy. If i don't get into either of my programs because the application is done wrong, i will be forced to blame you. Please be warned that when you return on Monday, I will be sitting outside your office crying. Do not be alarmed, that's just what I do when I'm confused and no one is there to answer my questions.

Sincerely (Sincerely Pissed off),

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
9:13 am
jacqueline = owned (twice in the series of 4 hours.)

Current Mood: living in filth and disgusted.
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
10:55 pm
eve i think that i'm in love with you
eve i think that i'm in love with you.
even though you smell like poo.
and sometimes when i dream
you yell, "ahh! team scream!"
i think about you night and day
and all the different ways i can say
i love you, smelly jew
more than peeing in the loo
without you, flik prizes would be lost
and i would buy things at such a cost
mmmm...can we dance to songs
all night long in our thongs?
but our love life is in a rut
hahha...the sack of a nut
so let's role play, pleasure, and more
until we roll up onto the floor
and then we'll do it doggy style
while we laugh and smile
let's bone some more
cuz you're a fun jewish whore
please put your ass in my face
why, that's the perfect place!
get on your knees bitch
i've got an itch
can you scratch it please
or are you just being a tease
circle your arms some more, yea more
and i'll spank you until you're sore
oh, eve i'll burn the chanukah candles with you
and seltza the bear, he can come too
he'll bring the candles, and you'll bring the jew
and i'll bring lots of poo.
oh, eve, i think i'm in love with you.
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
9:18 pm
dear united states of america,
you are kinda stupid. chile has a woman that is running for president, and a country in africa has a woman president. we've never had a woman even run, and these are supposedly 'third world countries.' who's the third world now.
Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
3:25 pm
i'm fucking pissed off...and in desperate need of venting...sorry for anyone who reads this...
dear clown who shall remain nameless,
you're a fucking piece of shit. i hate that you lied to me, and that i believed all of them. i hate that i fucking trusted you so much. i trusted you with one of the most important things that i have and you fucking used me to get a piece of ass. you're 33, balding, have a small penis, and you're 5'5. i'm the best you'll ever get, and i can't even believe that you're blowing me off like this. but i'm so mad about all the fucking lies. and everytime that you said that you would miss me and that you care about me. you don't give a fuck, and that's blatantly obvious to me. and you can't even stand up to me and say anything. you just fucking ignore me. whatever. i deserve so much better. and i'm sorry that i ever got involved with you. all the stuff that you're doing now just turns everything over. you're a sick individual, and i hope that you're happy making me miserable. i'm also really glad that you have all the time in the world to a) ignore me and b) update your myspace. you called me self-absorbed over the summer, but you're pretty fucking self-absorbed. you judge everyone with a half-ass judgement because you're too afraid to look in the mirror at all your horrible qualities. you lied to me for months, and complained about not being a star in the show. and i listened to every single thing you said. and i can remember your face, and it hurts so bad that you're doing this. you told me not to hook up with someone else because they were going to fuck me over and all they wanted was ass. well look at what the hell you're doing now. i hope you're happy. i hope you're really fucking happy in your house all by yourself, masterbating in the dark at night, and getting piss drunk every night of the week. i hope you're really fucking happy going to work with hangovers and flirting with vero, who doesn't give a fuck about you. i hope you're having fun with all the pinups in your house because that's the most you're ever going to get. i'm glad that you quit smoking 'because i didn't like it' and the minute i leave you're doing it again. yea, i am fucking bitter, but i'm over your shit. i'm over thinking that you cared. and thank you for using my trust to get what you wanted, you manipulative son of a bitch.


Current Mood: pissed off beyond words...
Tuesday, December 27th, 2005
6:07 pm
an owned that aaron levesque will appreciate
my mom bought me seasons four and five of seinfeld for christmas. i opened up the packages to watch them last night, and found that i have two disc 2s. owned
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
4:03 pm
overheard in the strzemp family
quotes from the most horrible xmas eve lunch ever:

dad: hey look at this picture. it's me and my 2 brothers when joe was in town.
j: you don't look like them.
dad: what do you mean?
j: you look different from your brothers.
dad: hey ma, did you ever like the mailman.
grandma: oh yea.

dad: so, the guy who won the binions poker tournament won $7 million.
j: why didn't you win?
dad: i've been asking myself that a lot lately.

stupid barbara: i just love bags. don't you

stupid barbara: here, i'll tell you a joke. it's not really very funny. so this girl has cancer in her rectum and colon. just horrible. and so her husband comes home one day, and she's all wrapped in cellophane, and her husband goes, 'oh no, not leftovers again.' oh, i guess it isn't very funny.
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